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The appearance of knots (triggerpoints) in various parts of the body and the pain they cause are a major problem for all the athletes.

The knots appear in the muscles and reflect in specific areas, as they press

These pains come not only from intense workout but also from the bad attitude of the body during work, from the extra pounds, from the sedentary life, from old injuries that have not been restored

The Trigger Ball can dramatically improve the treatment of the turgery points, through the muscular-ischemic pressure it causes by applying a static pressure at the point of the breech. In this way, the muscles of the neck, waist, back, and other parts of the body increase the motor's muscularity and stiffness.

This supports the correct torsade position and proper tuning function

Using Trigger Ball is very easy. You do not have your back, shoulders, buttocks, legs and rests on a firm surface, locate the pain point and move the body over the surface, rolling the Trigger Ball

Its surface has an anatomical structure to relieve the tightening points without causing injury. Another tool for pain management and recovery reinforcement is now available from Go Fit