TRIMMER A.E. started their operating activities in 1991 by opening their very first store under the brand "Bodybuilding Club". This first store was located in the center of Athens (Odos Panepistimiou). Those years, there were very few gym facilities in Greece and people’s relation with training was in a quite immature level. Words like "fitness", "bodybuilding" or even "supplements" were known only to just a few people who lead this type of lifestyle, and were actually reprehensible to the most of us. The conditions were even worse in terms of training equipment with the only reference being the chain-powered stationary bicycles and since there were no magnetic bicycles at the time it was very difficult for someone to train. Apart from bikes, there were also some treadmills that operated with a rolling mechanism. Using a treadmill one could hypothetically perform more exercises. But that was true only in theory.

Today, everything is different. The number of people who participate in a sport and follow a specific nutrition schedule is –fortunately- increasing and the scenery is far better than it was in the past. The importance of training, proper nutrition and generally the adoption of a different and more healthy lifestyle than what was followed by the previous generations, has overstepped the “boundaries” of fashion and became an urgent need to prevent and avoid unwanted situations in the future. Today, this way of life has also an educational nature for all generations to come and there are many official –or non official- bodies of the state and fitness specialists that keep on stressing hard the importance of fitness and well-being in modern life.

The manufacturing industry of training equipment, either for professional or for domestic use, is constantly evolving and –fortunately- today’s treadmills are just treadmills and they are not considered a multi-gym tool as they were in the past.

We, at the BodyBuilding Club, are very proud for we believe that we contribute in our own way to all this evolution, remaining faithful to the principles we endorsed from the very beginning: the distribution and disposal of more specialized and quality products as well as the distribution and disposal of the most reliable training equipment, by continuously monitoring the evolving made in the field of training and nutrition, in order to always provide you with the best and most complete information.

BodyBuilding Club stores are now widely recognized and well established in the world of fitness and the BodyBuilding Club name is not only synonymous to quality information and expertise in the field of sports, food supplements and training equipment but is also synonymous to a huge variety of training goods, representing companies of globally critical reputation and reliability at literally very low prices and providing guaranteed service and technical support by qualified people, with a constant adequacy in spare parts.

With currently 32 stores in Greece and Cyprus: Athens (Omonia Square), Ag. Paraskevi, Ag. Stefanos, Glyfada, Dafni, Ilion 1 , Marousi, Metamorfosi, Nikea, Pagrati, Piraeus, Peristeri, Thessaloniki (3), Lamia, Larissa, Volos, Karditsa, Kalamata, Corinthos, Patra , Heraklion, Rethimnon, Chania, Mytilene, Serres and Nicosia (Cyprus) and continuing our dynamic expansion covering more areas and districts of the country, we hope to serve a large number of people "educating" and at the same time creating conscious customers who know what they buy and providing them with high quality services through our connoisseurs who are willing not only to serve each person’s needs but also to share their knowledge and expertise!

In the light of providing better and more complete services, even to the most remote region and the slightest technology savvy consumer, we now give you the opportunity to purchase goods online. Inside our already known website we have created the online store, where you can be informed of all the latest news of the fitness world and to do your shopping from the comfort of your home or office, quickly and, most of all, safely.

So if you already train or plan to train in the future or you’re just interested in improving your health condition and your physical appearance, just come to the experts and visit our BodyBuilding Club stores.

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