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Beta Alanine belongs to the b-amino acids group and together with L-histidine it forms carnosine, a substance that allows the muscles to function with higher intensity and for longer durations.

The increase in carnosine levels after beta-alanine ingestion (an increase of > 80% after ingestion for several weeks) is the reason that millions of athletes and active people worldwide use beta-alanine supplements prior to training, to increase their workout performance.

Many studies show that carnosine is in part capable of limiting the negative impact of lactic acid on muscles, which results in enhanced athletic performance. Increasing carnosine levels into the muscles can therefore improve anaerobic or mixed aerobic and anaerobic activity, so BA ENDURANCE is an appropriate supplement for any kind of dynamic training.

Taking beta-alanine instead of carnosine is preferable as carnosine delivery does not bring a significant result because its absorption from the gastrointestinal tract is negligible. Since its absorption is negligible, it is more likely to be degraded in the circulatory system through the action of specific enzymes.

LABRADA's BA ENDURANCE contains only 100% of pharmaceutical type beta-alanine to be as absorbable as possible and thus more effective than, as all LABRADA NUTRITION's quality products.

Serving Size 2 Caps.

Servings Per Container 60

Beta Alaline 1600mg

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