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Branded beef protein isolate HydroBEEF (hydrolyzed beef peptides) with 97 % beef protein content is foundation of our gainer BeefMass. We added high-quality carb matrix for maximal muscle mass growth and strength increasing.

BeefMass is a new gainer containig hydrolyzed beef isolate with nearly zero content of fat and sugar. Beef protein isolate HydroBEEF is one of the best protein sources. Beef protein intake in strength athletes is of the long tradition. BeefMass is intended for everybody who wants to increase muscle mass and strength.

BeefMass chocolate flavor does not contain any lactose.

Carb part of BeefMass® is made up ofthree carbohydrates withgradual release of glucose units: moderatelly fast maltodextrine, fast dextrose and slow PalatinoseTM (isomaltulose), carb with low glycemic index. Utilization of protein contained in BeefMass® we supported with natural enzymes bromelain and papain in chocolate flavor and 7 enzymes in vanille-caramel flavor. The both of these flavors tastes excellently.

Suggested use:

  • depends on physical activity, sports activity and diet
  • we recommend dividing the daily dose (2-6 scoops) into two or three portions and consuming them as a snack between meals, on training days preferentially after the exercise
  • mix the content of one scoop (45 g) with 200-300 ml of water