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The York Fitness Heart Rate Monitor is designed to ensure your workouts are at the correct intensity for your goals. By constantly measuring your heart rate the monitor can support a wide range of fitness goals.

The NHS advice 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity (Aerobic Zone) each week or 150 minutes of moderate activity (Fat Burning Zone).

Using the watch you can effectively monitor your heart rate when exercising. The transmitter is worn around the chest and is fully adjustable so a comfortable position can be attained.

Heart Rate Zone




90 - 100%

Develops maximum Performance

Anaerobic Zone

80 - 90 %

Increases maximum performance capacity

Aerobic Zone

70 - 80 %

Improves aerobic fitness and blood circulation

Fat Burning Zone

60 - 70 %

Improves basic endurance and burns fat

Warm Up

50 - 60 %

Warm up and aids recovery

The watch also be mounted on to an exercise bike with the provided foam mount.

The watch has a LCD screen which clearly displays the information. Mode and detail changes are performed with the 2 easy access buttons underneath the display.

Display Options

  • Automatic fat burning programs.
  • Programmable target zone and exercise time.
  • Training Alarms (Audible and Visual).
  • Countdown.
  • Current Heart Rate Display.
  • Total time over Low limit of Target Zone.
  • Total time over High limit of Target Zone.
  • Stopwatch mode
  • Clock (24 / 48 Hour)

Key Features

  • Record and track your cardio fitness progress.
  • Monitor heart rate during physical training.
  • Train more effectively.
  • 12 Functions
  • Batteries replacable
  • Water resistant
  • Full instruction guide and details on heart rate training.
  • Foam Mount to attach to your bike.