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The Warrior Bench is a new and exquisite training bench manufactured by York Fitness and it’s essentially a small multi-bench for training. It features a modern and very strong construction, comfortable cushions and luxurious tapestry. It can be set in 4 different angles-positions (decline, flat, semi-incline, incline) so that you can performangle-specific training. When on decline position, this bench is also ideal for abdominal training. Warrior Bench has a detachable cushion for arms training and you can completely remove it for more convenient and more comfortable training of your upper body muscle groups. It includes foamy cushions for feet support. When not in use, the bench can be easily folded and stored behind any door or under your bed (depending on bed’s structure and height) saving valuable space. When folded, the bench takes up to 21cm of space. It can hold up to 200kg (your body weight + resistance weights). Package includes a photo-map with all the exercises you can perform by using the Warrior Bench.

Dimensions when set: (L x W x H): 98 x 55 x 145cm