A rowing machine allows a person (amateur or a professional athlete) to train each and every muscle group and it can rev up and strengthen the muscle system and the aerobic capacity of the body. Training with a latest technology rowing machine manufactured by the top fitness equipment companies Axxon Fitness or York Fitness, you can quickly improve your stamina and your cardiopulmonary capacity. A rowing machine can strengthen your dorsal, shoulder, abdominal, arms and quads areas. It helps you to quickly burn unwanted body fat and decrease your body weight. Resistance is smooth and serene, giving you the opportunity to completely control each and every movement during your workouts. This means that, either a beginner or a more advanced athlete, you will be able to choose the level difficulty that suits the most with your personal training. A rowing machine sports all the advantages of an actual rowing movement and you can easily fold and store it in any safe place available at home without taking up too much space. There are some rowing machines available that provide you with a complete “picture” of your training data by displaying real-time indicators such as speed, time, rep count and calories burned during your training sessions. All York’s and Axxon’s rowing machines are quality and durable training tools specially designed to operate smoothly in order to protect the user from potential injuries. These machines are shockproof (they absorb any shock created during training), they feature user-friendly function selections, they are equipped with a movable seat that can hold any body-type or height and they offer a complete rowing movement which allows for maximal results. Especially if you choose a rowing machine that operates with a “mag-air” resistance system (resistance that’s adjusted through air and magnetic function) you’ll feel the ultimate challenge that an actual rowing boat provides. Training with a rowing machine can literally work your whole body in one shot.

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