If you attend CrossFit training sessions we literally have each and every training tool you may need.

Whether you’re an individual who needs a training ball or a training band in order to work your body in the comfort of your living room or you’re a trainer who needs a wide variety of quality and safe training accessories for your trainees, we have the solution for you. Just take a look at our catalogue and you will surely be surprised by the new GoFit’s CrossFit accessories series.

Incorporate training in your daily life by using your favorite training tool and enjoy a delightful and constructive break from your every day’s routine. All GoFit products are available on our website and can be ordered online but you can also pay a visit to any of our BODYBUILDINGLUB stores and see or test your favorite tool yourself. Our colleagues will be there to gladly provide help and give you professional advice in which accessory fits best based on your training needs.

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