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Despite the fact that meat is renowned for its protein and that most athletes and active people consume it even on a daily basis aiming to cover their protein needs, many experts prevent us from consuming it so often. But is it feasible to get the appropriate amount of protein that's necessary to increase muscle mass without consuming only meat, eggs and dairy products? The answer to the above question is given by SAN NUTRITION and is a big YES!

The new plant protein RAW FUSION contains 21g of protein derived from plant sources per dose. These plant sources are pea, paddy rice and artichoke. Do not rush to draw conclusions about its effectiveness since each dose of RAW FUSION contains 4.5g of l-glutamine and 4.5g of BCAA amino acids, surpassing in content many animal proteins as well as whey proteins.

This product is free of fats, lactose, gluten, soy and dairy. Whether you are a vegetarian or fed up with eating meat constantly or want to get your protein from a variety of available sources, RAW FUSION is your best bet. It's easy to mix, it has great taste, it's extremely digestible and does not give any indication of gastrointestinal irritation and bloating.

Because nature and its fruits are pure power, use RAW FUSION on a daily basis and you will be surprised by the results!