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PBG13.ELITE Sparring Bag Gloves [CLONE]

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-Good quality, bag / training glove, with state-of-the-art "DDF" manufacturing quality, exclusive of high tech synthetic leather Hi Tech 100% Designed to offer better absorption of hits as they are clad and hand-sewn at all points with foam, offering total coverage and comfort in the hands and wrists.

-One of the very few gloves in the market where you will not hurt your wrists and hands after training.

-The straps on the wrists have a special fastening closure that embraces all the hand around the wrist around, providing maximum safety and stability

-Mexican Thumb''System for protection and better positioning of the thumb.

-Attach with extra lining for extra protection and better punch "closing" feel.

- Quick placement and removal of the gloves by the athlete.