Fasting prerequisites abstinence from meat, eggs and dairy products, making it more difficult for you to daily intake amino acids from complete protein sources of high biological value.

Thus, there is a strong concern that fasting might cause loss of strength, energy, recovery, etc. as well as inadequate intake of protein and other essential nutrients.

With BODYBUILDING CLUB's FASTING OPTIONS, you do not have to worry about daily protein intake, as it provides you with the best choices for obtaining protein in the most practical and incredibly delicious forms, such as protein supplements, protein bars, protein crisps (paprika flavor) .

With these excellent options, you can fully cover your increased protein needs and at the same time detoxify your body from meat toxins!

With BODYBUILDING CLUB's FASTING OPTIONS, you can continue your fasting WITHOUT nutritional deficiencies, WITHOUT losing strength, WITHOUT reducing energy, stamina and power in training and WITHOUT feeling depressed in your everyday life.

You will be surprised with our DELICIOUS flavor options!

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