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The ALL STARS’ MUSCLE PROTEIN BAR is a crunchy snack-bar containing 34%of high quality protein! The name ‘MUSCLE PROTEIN BAR’ is synonymous to muscle growth since it feeds your muscle with protein available at any time of day, allowing the body to develop and recover.

The greatest feature of this protein chocolate bar is itstaste since it is a very delicious snack coated with 4 layers ofchocolate, real caramel and roasted hazelnuts that nobody can resist!

With 27 grams of protein per bar and only 4.8 grams of saturated fat, theALL STARS MUSCLE PROTEIN BAR is your best protein choice when you’reon the go or at work where it is almost impossible to have a complete meal that contains plenty of nutritious ingredients.

Thesei ngredients are necessary not only because they suppress hunger andcause satiety but also because they feed your muscles helping tobuild strong and durable muscle tissue while they are protected fromcatabolism.

TheALL STARS created a product that combines pleasure and delight with awide array of essential ingredients. They created Muscle Protein Bar.Try it now!