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GF75BALL, GoFit Exercise Ball -75cm Blue

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The GF-75 Blue Ball is a blue tint, 75cm diameter, exercise ball manufactured by GoFit and designed to provide full body training.

Training with an exercise ball may be more effective than any other training method. This happens due to the fact that when we use an exercise ball (a.k.a. an unstable piece of equipment), our body is forced to activate all of its auxiliary muscles in order to maintain balance.This muscle activation is ideal for fast and impressive results. As a rule of thumb, an exercise ball must be big enough so that when yousit on it your knees should form a 90 degrees angle. This rule should be your main guide in purchasing an exercise ball which will help you choose a diameter that’ll suit your body’s height.

TheGF-75 Blue Ball has undergone a lot of tests and it can hold up to 900kg of weight!