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GF-AGLAD Agility Lader

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Theagility ladder is an essential training tool for any recreational orprofessional athlete who seeks to become more agile, wants to improvethe basic parameters of his/her athletic abilities and aims tofortify his/her neuromuscular system in order to avoid potentialinjuries. This type of ladder is especially useful in any sport thatrequires speed, agility, explosiveness, coordination and balance,such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis and martial arts. Itcan also be used for running and sprinting since it provides theathlete the ability to move straight and sideways or even changedirection very quickly. The agility ladder is a very smart trainingoption that aims in increasing the athlete’s performance and italso gives a professional trainer the opportunity to enrich his/hertraining programs by incorporating original, varied and entertainingexercises.