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Με την έγκριση του ΕΟΦ
  • During periods of strict dieting, most athletes feel exhausted, they have no energy left in the tank and realize that they have no power to cope with a hard training session and show increased performance at the gym.
  • The ALL STARS’ FENIDROL is an innovative sports nutrition product, a fat burner that will help you utilize all your stored fat in order to produce power and have large reserves of energy and strength during training.
  • In order for the FENIDROL to be effective, All Stars have used the most active natural and herbal ingredients ever been featured in a fat burning formula.FENIDROL contains 400 mg of caffeine and 400 mg of green coffee, two ingredients that have scientifically proven their action and effectiveness towards fat burning.These two ingredients will increase your strength, your performance in training and will directly stimulate your central nervous system. FENIDROL also contains an amino acid found in green tea.
  • This specific amino acid increases the levels of growth hormone and acts as an antidepressant in a 100% natural way because it’s a natural product. Also, the synephrine contained in FENIDROL mobilizes your fat cells to release stored fat in order to be used as fuel in your workout(s).
  • So, train and get rid of all the unwanted body fat you “carry” in your body.In addition to metabolism enhancing, FENIDROL contains DMAE and AcetylTyrosine, raspberry ketones and a powerful herb called schisandra that stimulates blood circulation, fortifies the immune system and detoxifies your body from harmful free radicals.