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Useful info


Suggested use:

  • depends on physical activity, sports activity and diet
  • we recommend dividing the daily dose into two or three portions and consuming them as a snack between meals
  • mix the content of one scoop (30 g) with 200-300 ml of water
  • after mixing You get a delicious foamy shake

PeptiBeef is hydrolyzed beef protein – patent pending isolate HYDROBEEF (hydrolyzed beef peptides) that contains protein of beef meat (approx. 25%) and protein of beef bones (approx. 75%).

This product has the highest content of protein coming from beef meat between the similar products on the market.This protein is hydrolyzed, it means that its peptides are very fast digestible and fast absorbed by the human body.

Approx. 15% of peptides in PeptiBeef have the molecular mass 6000 Da, 55 % 3000 Da and 30 % 500 Da and less what are very short (and highly valued in sports nutrition) peptides with extremely good absorption and utilization.

You get frothed shake after mixing. PeptiBeef contains 91% of hydrolyzed beef isolate with minimum content of fat.

Protein is supplemented with enzymes bromelain and papain for ideal protein utilization and for its building into muscles. ISOBEEF is also sweetened by sweetener from stevia plant. Intake of PeptiBeef can increase muscle mass growth and prevent from muscle catabolism in danger of that.


PeptiBeef is typical with foamy consistency and its preparation is different than in other products. Beef protein isolate is of different properties than instant whey protein and we recommend You more to mix it to reach perfect melting of powder. Cream of pleasant consistency is then created.


  • It contains branded beef hydrolyzed protein isolate HydroBEEF (hydrolyzed beef peptides) coming from meat and skeletal protein
  • Beef protein isolate is absolutelly without carbs and contains minimum of fat
  • We state exact beef amino acid profile on the label
  • We state exact composition on the label
  • It is sweetened except others with sweetener from Stevia plant that is of the natural origin
  • It is without any added colorants
  • It contains meat amino acids tryptophan, cysteine, BCAA and glutamine
  • 3 excellent flavors


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