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Stamatis Tzitzas started training at a very young age and, from his teenage years he managed to build a balanced and strong physique.

His overall good looks quickly drew the attention of well-known fashion houses and model agencies, and he began to engage in modeling very early.

Hundreds of photographs in magazines, television and advertisements followed since then but, despite his hard working and continuous traveling (he owns one of the most successful Real Estate Agent company), he never stopped training and watching his diet.

In his first contest, he amazed the crowds with his great physique and on-stage appearance, taking the first place in the NAC Grand Prix Mr Physique in November 2014.

In his next contest that took place in May 2015, at the same NAC category , he managed to take once more the 1st place and won automatically the qualification for the upcoming Mr Universe, held each November at the historic headquarters of NAC International, Hamburg, Germany.

Once again, Stamatis Tzitzas excelled, taking the 3rd place in the NAC Mr Universe 2016, among contestants who participated in this top fitness and bodybuilding contest from more than 52 countries !!

A new, brilliant journey begins for Stamatis Tzitzas in the sports and fitness sector.

His next goal is obvious: winning the World Champion title in the Physique category !!

Apart from his personal achievements, his persuasion

is to involve more and more people in training and fitness, as he firmly

believes that sport creates complete personalities that fit better and offer

much more to the society itself


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