SUPER TRIBULUS 2000mg 30tbs. [CLONE]


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Take 1 capsules with a glass of water 1 times daily

Who is it for

In those who want a significant rise in natural testosterone levels without any androgenic side effects.

To those who want to enhance their anabolism and sexual mood.

For those who want significant changes, to increase their muscle mass and strength.

For those who want to increase the most important anabolic hormone, increase their muscle mass and lose fat.



How to increase my testosterone levels, in a natural way !!

_ MY testosterone's levels !!

SUPER TRIBULUS 2000 is a combination of plants rich in phytosterols that contribute, in a 100% natural way, to the increase of testosterone levels in our body.

The main effect of this procedure is a great increase in strength and muscle mass, an increased metabolism and decreased catabolism plus reduced body fat levels.

The product's very high Tribulus content of 2000 mg per tablet, makes it the natural alternative for athletes and active people who want to increase their testosterone levels without taxing their health and without experiencing the undesired androgenic side effects caused by banned anabolic steroids.

SUPER TRIBULUS 2000 is not a hormone nor it does contain hormones or pro-hormones, but its naturally high content in saponins increases the endogenous testosterone in the body.

SUPER TRIBULUS 2000 increases the levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) that is secreted into the pituitary gland and then binds to testosterone receptors by activating its synthesis and secretion.

It can be used with exceptional safety and efficiency by anyone who attends either amateur or professional sports.

It helps men of an older age to maintain their testosterone production at normal levels.

Give it a try and realize yourself the top quality and efficiency of Cybernetics' products.


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